SE Steel Fabrication is committed to delivering customised solutions from design through to implementation, ensuring that it delivers a steel solution that meets each client’s unique objectives. SE Steel Fabrication offers six key services that are available to the client as a complete package or as individual services as and when required.

  • Design:
    A skilled project team at SE Steel Fabrication marries comprehensive industry knowledge with modern technology to produce the most innovative and professional concept for each project.

  • Detailing:
    SE Steel Fabrication understands that more time spent results in higher costs. As such, it ensures that all structural steel is detailed to the correct standard.

  • Manufacture:
    To ensure that that it produces solutions to the highest standard at all times, SE Steel Fabrication manufactures in accordance with the highest levels of quality in a safety-controlled factory.

  • Supply:
    SE Steel Fabrication supplies a comprehensive range of steel construction products in order to offer its clients a complete structural steel solution. The company provides tailor-made steel fabrication solutions to the industrial, commercial, retail, automotive and public sectors.

  • Erection:
    In addition to efficient design and manufacture, SE Steel Fabrication will also erect steel structures, offering a complete according to unique client specifications, thereby offering a complete turnkey solution.

  • Quality control:
    In order to deliver on its promise to maintain the highest standard of work, each SE Steel Fabrication project adheres to strict in-house developed quality control standards. These standards are set out and enforced by a quality control team.